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Mystic Messenger Ray Route Voice Actor Interviw

Mystic Messenger Ray Route Voice Actor Interviw整理(未完)

Ray Route will be available on January 31st(KST). Please look out for more!


  • JuminHan (cv:Yongwoo Shin)

:Hello, this is YongwooShin and I play Jumin in Mystics Messenger.

Q1:It’s Christmas season and the newyear is around the corner. Please sing us a carol in your character’s voice.

A1:SingLooking outthe window. Looking out the window. See the snowflake fall. Assistant Kang, closethe door. Elizabeth the 3rd is getting cold. The snow will storm in.Haha.

Q2:There is an RFA party held in thegame. To where would you like to donate the RFA funds?

A2:If I had the fund, the first causeI can think of is children who’re in need. Children don’t get to choose comparedto adults. Even if the world can’t be completely fair, it’s very unfortunate thatsome children start from a disadvantage. Particularly those in conflict zones, andin area where each day is difficult. I’d like to make a donation to those kindsof children. 

Q3:In Mystics Messenger, there is a bluepill(salvation elixir)and a red pill(Seven’s Ph.D. Pepper). Which one would perk up your energy?

A3:I will mix the blue pill into thered pill and eat it. Haha. Would that be too strong?I’d have the one that’s better formy health. Which is better?I think you mentioned thatthe blue pill is better. Yes, I will have half of each. Half of the blue pill andhalf of the red pill since I don’t know which one is good. 

Q4:Flowers often appear within the story.In your opinion, what’s the flower that resembles you?

A4:What do I do…?This is such a different question.I don’t really like flowers. If I had to mention one, it would be baby’s breath?They really make the main flowers look fancy. I like trees better. I love birchtrees or apple trees. I prefer trees more. I’m not really a flower fan. 

Q5:A word to your fans.

A5:Thank you to all the fans who havelove Mystics Messenger. I hope you had the chance to wrap up 2017 well. I wish youthe best of health, happiness, and joy for the year of 2018. Let’s all be healthtogether. Good luck to us! Thank you.

  • ZEN(cv:Jang Kim)

:Hello everyone, this isvoice actor Jang Kim from the third wave of Tooniverse. The whole superstar fromthe university deal is all made up but from now on, I will surpass that and becomea god, haha. This is quite embarrassing. I mention this before but god has anothermeaning(“the pronunciation has aanother meaning in Korean”). I hope to retrieve thethoughts I had when I first became a voice actor. I want to start again, anew likea plane that just sprouted. It has a double meaning, so please don’t take it tooseriously.

Q1:It’s Christmas season and the newyear is around the corner. Please sing us a carol in your character’s voice.

A1:(Carol)I’ll stop myself here, haha. A whiteChristmas would be so magnificent. It would be amazing greeting Christmas when thewhole world is cover in snow. I’m doing this interview after Christmas so the festivalisn’t really here anymore, but even if it’s no longer Christmas, this is what Ithink. Every day is Christmas. We don’t have many day to enjoy life. We don’t haveenough time to even be happy every day. So we shouldn’t consider just December 25thas Christmas, but treat all 365 days of the year like Christmas.